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Product Detailed

widely used for ATM,payment kiosk,.WOSA driver supported it can be applied to different ATM,payment kiosks.

keypad KMY3503A-1



Physical Features

Keypad made of high quality stainless steel Customizable layout, dimension and installation design Dustproof, waterproof, shake-proof, pickproof, drill-proof, bombproof Braille key design for visually handicapped people Latest professional security processing chip Optional USB and RS232 connection Ports for optional eight external function keys, beeper and guide light Two types of power supply ports Tamper protection box Secure and reliable protection against power cut

Logical Features

Standard firmware that supports common encryption/decryption algorithms Customizable firmware design for specific application requirement Full function and easy-to-use driver Application Programming Interfaces (API) Secure, complete and flexible encryption key management architecture and technology Support of multiple PIN block formats Secure PIN processing Unlimited length of data for user data encryption/decryption and MAC calculation

Supported Algorithms

DES user data ECB/CBC encryption/decryption 3DES user data ECB/CBC encryption/decryption DES MAC calculation 3DES MAC calculation DES PIN encryption 3DES PIN encryption Multiple PIN Block formats: ANSI, ISO0, ISO1, ECI2, ISO3, IBM3624, DIEBOLD, DIEBOLDCO

Physical Security Features

Automatic detection of disassembling the keypad Automatic detection of disassembling the encrypting module Automatic detection of drilling on the PCB board and encrypting module Automatic detection of low battery warning Automatic detection of high and low temperature

Tamper Detection and Protection  
The tamper detection leads to the following protection responses:

Erasure of master keys which are used to decrypt the encrypted working keys Erasure of working keys which are used to encrypt the user data or PIN Erasure of the user data in the memory Erasure of the program in the memory Resetting the device to an unusable state

Reliability and Performance Data

Key lifetime > 2,000,000 cycles per key Force on keys: 3-5 N Key range: 0.45mm Wide voltage input: 5V DC +/- 20% In running state, 5 V +/- 20% is needed; the electrical current is up to 100 mA and the actual power consumption is below 1.5W. Running lifetime > 5 years; Battery lifetime > 5 years (without external power supply) Calculation time on 256 bytes by 3DES MAC calculation < 500 milliseconds

Faceplate: W×H160×102mm
3DES IP65 NEMA 4X ATM Metal Keypad;
Self-destruction when dissembling is detected;
Dustproof, water proof, vandalism resistance, 
shake-proof, pickproof;
Interface:RS232, PS/2;
Supply Voltage: +5V DC +/-5%;
Lettering: Sunk laser legends & characters in high quality ink;
Switch life: more than 2 million of operations;
Actuator/keys materials: 316#(RoHS) stainless steel;
Customizable keys;
Cert:Pass the certification of 
China Central Bank card testing center; 
IP Protection Class IEC/DIN/EN/ 60529:IP65
IK Protection Class DIN EN 50102:IK07
Faceplate dimensions:160X102.5 mm;

Keypad Features

Keypad containing 16 keys with etched and colored graphics Horizontal grind on the keypad surface Letters and digits filled with black paint Colored graphics on the function keys Easy to use for visually handicapped users The keys X, O and | are designed with embossing (optional) The number key 5 is designed with an embossing dot The graphics are etched and filled with black paint for all letters and digits The function keys may have colored bars, filled with paint


RS232 port: complying with the RJ45 of EIA-RS232-D standard. The baud rate can be configured up to 57600 baud. The baud rate is automatically adapted. USB port: type B Power supply: supporting two types of connections External expanding port (optional): for eight external function keys Special signal output port: for external LED guide light and beeper. A 5V DC beeper and two 5V DC LED (red and green) can be supported

To meet the security requirements and protect the sensitive information, some special security detection and protection mechanisms are designed

Logical Security Features

PIN encryption in a secure module Multi-layer, flexible encryption key management Multiple independent detection mechanisms for ensuring the PIN security

Alarm Conditions

Temperature beyond the range Low battery Tamper detection

Environment Requirements

Only the front panels shall be exposed to outdoor climate. The panels are dustproof, waterproof, shake-proof, pickproof, drill-proof and bombproof. Operating temperature range: 25-45 Storage temperature range: 25- 65 Maximum humidity in operating environment: 80% For security reasons, the user PIN is deleted when the environment temperature is beyond the storage temperature range. The target level for this function is set to 30.

Supporting Software

A full function, easy-to-use Windows NT/2000/XP compliant device driver Standard XFS 2.0 and XFS 3.0 Service Providers, fully integrated with exiting multi-vendor XFS platforms in the marketplace, such as Kalignite (KAL), Aptra (NCR), Protopas (Wincor) and Agilis (Diebold) et

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